Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shafique & Fiza's Wedding

Before i proceed with the details of the wedding, i just have to share about my experience going to the wedding.

I sms-ed Audrey saying i'll meet her at the hotel at 7.45pm. I got ready and left house around 7.15pm. I took the Ampang Elevated Highway and enjoyed the KL view. As i was approaching Shangri-La, Audrey called.

Me: Hello!
Audrey: Where are you?
Me: Im just making a turn to the hotel. Are you there already?
Audrey: No, i'm stuck at Federal Highway.
Me: Awh, I see.
Audrey: How come you got there so early? Which road did u take?
Me: Haiya... My house is in KL... I took the Ampang Highway lah. *Proud*
Audrey: I see... Ok, see you there.
Me: Ok, I'll wait at the lobby.. I'm infront of Shangri-La already.
Audrey: Huh? Why are you at Shangri-La?
Me: Huh? the wedding!
Audrey: It's at Sheraton Subang lah!
Me: What? Sheraton? No lah... It's at Shangri-La!
Audrey: Wait... *Checking the wedding card*.... My dear, it's at Sheraton Subang.
Me: Oh god... What's wrong with me?
Audrey: Haha...
Me: Arrgh.. What's wrong with me??
Audrey: Take it easy, just come here

I still can't beleive it. I was extremely confident about the venue. If Audrey didn't call at the right time, i would have gone in Shangri-La and attended someone else's wedding.

I sms-ed Desiree telling her what just happened. Her reply was:

Dess: Oh my god! U r also loosing your mind. welcome to the club!

Seriously, something is wrong with me today. besides the non stop activities, something has been bothering my mind and i tend to go crazy.

So, i got there at 8.30. The deco was nice. It was very interesting, just like the guests!. I can safely say that half of the A-List socialites was there. And the other half was suppose to attend, but had to cancell due to the election. I'm not kidding. Politicians, Chairman of giant companies, CEOs, MDs, Tan Sri's, Puan Sri's, Dato's, Datin's was everywhere.

Let's see the pics i took:

The emcee was Awal Ashaari, Host of the One In A Million

I was seated with SM Faisal Tan Sri Dato' Seri Utama SM Nasimuddin & Wife, Emilia Hanafi. SM Faisal is the Executive Vice President of NAZA Group of companies..... AKA My ex-boss!!

It was nice to catch-up with both of them. I am blessed to have an ex-boss like Faisal & Emilia. Though i have moved on, our relationship remains. They even told the rest of the people at the table that i was their ex-staff and how much we enjoyed working together.

Emilia's *Bling Bling* handbag
The food was okay...

This is the souvenir

I only had a chance to see Audrey when everything was over. Standing next to her is Lawrence.

The Bride & Groom

Another one.

This is the Bride, Fiza.

The wedding was great. And i was certainly entertained. Congrats to Shafique & Fiza! I'm Happy for both of you.



Alam Setia said...

bestnyer wedding ini...

Anonymous said...

fiza ni ex convent klang?

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