Saturday, May 26, 2018

#GE14 - Malaysia’s 14th General Election

To say Malaysia’s 14th General Election is historic is an understatement. It is and forever will be a game changer, not just for Malaysia but for the rest of the world. We may have waited 60 years to do so but when we set the bar, we set it high!

The whole nation held its breath and waited to the wee hours of the morning for the results. Needless to say it was intense and I was glued to my phone and TV (on a side note, kudos to Astro Awani for a great coverage)!

My Facebook timeline was flooded with juicy stories, fierce statements, funny images, revealing videos and unfortunately, abusive language. While my Twitter feed was filled with up-to-date news coverage from local and international media.
Everyone from my family, close friends to colleagues were all discussing about the election. People from all age group, from different races were engaged and it consumed us all. As a nation we are brought together by a number of things usually it involves some sporting activity such as badminton or football, so it was a refreshing change to have been brought together by politics.  

However, I must also point out something which I found to be distasteful during this period. I didn’t like how the election changed people and their relationships. Fighting with each other by using hurtful words, is just uncalled for.

I totally get it when one feels they are entitled to their opinions by openly airing them on social media and even in WhatsApp groups. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. After all, it is your personal opinion. But you should never let the elections ruin your relationships - with friends, family, colleagues or employers.

I feel that as adults we can still have a healthy discussion without all the nastiness such as name calling and using obscenities. Why must it always involve someone’s mother’s private parts?

If you feel strongly about your camp, there are people who also feel strongly about theirs as well. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That’s Netwon’s Third Law and you’re welcome ;)

Like I said, we are all entitled to choose what we want and we should never be judged or labelled negatively by anyone. I believe in what I believe in, and I know which logo to vote. Some of my friends are on the same boat, and some think differently. That is okay.

I make an effort to watch what I say when I speak to friends who may not have the same opinion as me. I listen to their points and arguments. I take note of it, and respect their conviction.

Does it in any way make me change my mind? No.
Does it make me a ‘traitor’ to the camp I believe? No.  
Does it affect the elections result? No.
And most importantly, does it ruin my relationships with my friends? No!

The 14th General Election will be part of our national dialogue for years to come. We may have towering skyscrapers and fancy infrastructures but if we are not mature when it comes to our way of thinking then what’s the point of it all?

What I also cannot compute is the court of public opinion - a large group of people think they are entitled to “hukum” certain people, post election. No, you don’t have that kind of power.

The other thing that caught my attention during the election was how foolishly judgemental people can be. I saw a certain group of people who thought they were “involved” directly in the campaign by just posting and reposting things on their personal social media. I absolutely hate the word, keyboard warrior, but that aptly describes who they are.

You made a lot of noise, but some people may contribute in a big way but remain silent. I have friends who put their heart and soul in helping the camp they believe in, doing extremely important things, investing their time and money but remain chilled on social media. They don’t go around and start attacking family and friends.

We have shown the world that we are truly a democratic country by voting out a government that has been in power for over six decades. And above all, we did it without bloodshed. But let this not be it, let us continue to show the world that we can rise above the name calling to become a society that can engage in a meaningful conversation.

While some first world nations continue to devolve and move backwards, let us as Malaysians propel the country forward. Let our mindset be mature and let our speech be civil, and for once, let’s leave our mother’s private parts out of it!

To me, the friendship and love I have for my friends and family are extremely valuable. And I will not let GE14 ruin it. It’s Ramadan. It’s a good beginning. Let’s spread positivity and continue to build a nation that everyone can be proud of.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Live In Malaysia

One of the main highlight for 2017 was to be able to attend Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's concert in Kuala Lumpur. He is a great singer from Pakistan (in case you don't know). 

He sang many beautiful songs which are featured in many Bollywood movies. 

One of my favorite song is "O Re Piya". That night, Rahat sang that song, and he actually changed it; and made a great version of the same song. And i absolutely love it. 

Check it out. 

Monday, April 23, 2018


This is one topic I have been meaning to write for a very long time.

In case you don’t know, RSVP is derived from the French phrase “R├ępondez s'il vous plait”. The meaning is quite simple, “Please Respond.”

It is a very easy request -- The host is asking you to let them know whether you are attending their event, or not. That’s all. When you receive an invitation, you take a short time to think, decide and reply to the host with an answer - to inform them whether you are attending or no.

If you say you are attending, attend.
If you say “InsyAallah, I will attend”, that means you are attending.
If you don’t want to attend, reply by saying no.
If you are not sure, say no.
There is no “Maybe” or “Insyaallah”.

Why is it so important to RSVP, you may ask. The answer is :
  • You have to reply so the host can plan seating, food, and anything else that need to be arranged for your needs and comfort.
  • You should also know that the host will be spending money to have you attend their event.
  • It is extremely rude not to reply

Everybody is busy, and we all know we can’t be at 2 different places at same time. So, if you are tied up with something unavoidable, that means you can’t attend. So, you should just decline the other invitation.


ps: I will share few stories of rude people in my future posts. 

Monday, March 26, 2018

Roberto Carlos Meet Roberto Carlos

The Star published a very interesting article, about a young boy name Roberto Carlos. Yes, that is his real name. Roberto was named after his dad’s favourite football player. And this boy grew up idolizing the football legend. He received his motorcycle licence from Tansport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai at the Ministry's carnival held in Bentong.  

Read the full article here

As you know, just last Friday, AirAsia announced Roberto Carlos as our global ambassador. And he is still in town for some video & photo shoot. 

My colleagues saw this article and quickly decided that we have to make his dream come true!

After few phone calls and arrangements, dreams indeed came true for the boy from Kampung Sungai Miak, Bentong.

Roberto Carlos meet Roberto Carlos

To us, AirAsia is about making dream come true and we are glad to be able to fulfill Malaysian Roberto’s wish.

Front page of The Star! 

p/s: Malaysian Roberto Carlos bought his brother to meet the football legend. His name is Ronaldinho. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

My take on alcohol

I don’t drink. I have never tried it, and I don’t have the urge to try it. Reason? It’s against my religion.

I remember very clearly being told alcohol is a must in the public relations (PR) industry. I was told that’s just how you get things done, especially with media. When I was about to join the PR agency, one of my former manager at my first job literally said “I give you 1 year in the PR agency, and you will be drinking”. I told him I’ll prove him wrong.

I don’t agree with that kind of statement. Because I feel there are other ways to socialise and network. I was sure you can still be a good PR practitioner even if you don’t drink. I also felt like that statement is like an insult to the media industry, especially journalists (because they are not alcoholic!).

I joined the PR agency, did my work, and made a lot of friends from the media industry. I attended hundreds of events, drank a whole lot of virgin mojito and coke. I eventually took over the agency, and lead the team in negotiation with many local and international clients. I was fine, with no alcohol.

Fast forward to about 3-4 years ago, I attended a conference where people from all over the globe were there. During the dinner party, I somehow find myself hanging out with PR practitioners from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and UK. None of them were Muslim, but all of them don’t drink. I was very surprised.  

Before you continue reading, I must state that I do not have any problems with people who drink alcohol. A lot of my friends, colleagues and people I know consume alcohol. I get along with them just fine. I don’t mind sharing a table with them or hanging out with them. The main point is, I don’t have a problem with it.

And in return, people should not have a problem about me not drinking.  

I honestly don’t judge or have a bad perception towards those who drink. It is a personal choice. But I must say, I am puzzled with a couple of things involving alcohol:

Alcohol make you sick.

I always see people vomiting after drinking too much. I googled it and found out that this common reaction occur because alcohol is actually an irritant and can upset your stomach. In fact, drinking too much alcohol can even lead to gastritis which is when your stomach lining gets irritated, inflamed and erodes.

Almost all of my friends complain about headache the next morning. They often stay unproductive until very late in the evening before they fully recover.

So, my question is, why do you want to go through that? Why?

The other thing that I cannot compute is; when you make your friend literally sick and pass out in the name of “celebration”.

I once attended a farewell party where I arrived the venue slightly after 8:00pm. A lot of people were drinking already although it was just dinner time. And everyone was making sure the person being celebrated don’t walk with empty glass.

At 10:00pm, the person started vomiting extensively. Soon, the person was not able to chat with anyone. At 10:30pm, the person completely passed out. All of the guests who came much later for the “party” didn’t get to meet the person at all.

I bet the person woke up the next morning feeling awful, and probably with severe headache too!

I would only do that to someone I hate.

Alcohol alleviate negative feelings?

I have had discussions with my close friends on this topic and I was told that some people value alcohol because it helps to alleviate their negative feelings. The drinking removes stress or anxiety – at least temporarily.

The irony is that when people drink too often to cope with their stress, they usually make the problems they're stressed out about even worse, like, being addicted to alcohol, becoming too sensitive or aggressive. Not to mention, alcohol is not cheap, so, it will also affect you financially.

Alcohol brings out the best, and worst of you

I must admit I enjoyed hanging out with people who drink, because they do silly and funny things, and it can be quite entertaining. These kind of people, I love!

However, I cannot tolerate 2 type of people;

The first one is; EMO. I’m sure we all have seen people who get extremely emotional when they drink. They cry, they talk and they won’t stop.

The second one, is the worst kind; BITCH. The kind of person who say mean and bad things to people. The kind of person who just want to nasty, and are proud of it. I used to know someone who will turn into a monster when she is drunk. I decided to stay away from her.

If you have the answers to my questions, please comment. Thanks!

p/s: I am fully aware that alcohol are considered a tradition in some culture. I also know that in some counties, business negotiations are sealed over dinner and lots of alcohol.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

My Beijing Express

Two Malaysian boys explored Beijing using public transportation, with no tour guide. And they don't speak a single word of Mandarin!

Mission is to visit the Great Wall of China, and the Forbidden City.


Sunday, February 4, 2018

My Lahore Express, Pakistan

My last destination to explore in Pakistan was Lahore. I got a chance to check out the symbol of Pakistan, which is the Minar-E-Pakistan and went shopping at the famous Anarkali Bazaar.

Of course highlight of my trip in Lahore was visiting the Royal Mosque, which was another architecture masterpiece by the Mughal empire.

I love Lahore. I will go back to explore more!

#GE14 - Malaysia’s 14th General Election

To say Malaysia’s 14th General Election is historic is an understatement. It is and forever will be a game changer, not just f...