Thursday, December 8, 2016

Happy birthday AirAsia!

Today AirAsia turn fifteen years old!

It's amazing to know that 15 years ago, our co-founders, Tony and Datuk Din bought over a loss making airline with the aim of getting more people to fly. And to date, AirAsia has flown over 350 million passengers across Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. 

Our bosses took great pain in fighting for the people as their aim is very simple; to make people's dream of flying come true. Hence the tag line "Now everyone can fly".  

Along the way, they were (highly) criticised, attacked, blocked and bullied but none of those attempts ever got them demotivated or frustrated. They are extremely passionate people who believe in making a difference. And trust me, they will continue to do so. 

The whole world know that they have revolutionised air travel. But not many know that they are actually a dream enabler. They have given opportunities to people to live their dreams -- not just for travellers, but also to staff! 

I am very proud to be an Allstar and to be able to learn and draw inspiration from them. 

And speaking about what's next, I know for a fact that things will be even more exciting from now onwards! 

Happy Birthday AirAsia! 

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