Monday, December 19, 2016

Wardrobe problem!

When organising a media event, one of the main thing to be mindful about is the photo op. The photo must be good enough to be used by media and social media.

Apart from determining who goes in the photo, and if they are any action required (eg: holding a card, cutting ribbon, unveiling of a product), one very important element is setting the dress code for the event. To PR folks, it's our responsibility to make sure the people in the photo looks good, and for that reason, it's important to dress your bosses appropriately and creatively. 

At AirAsia, we have few event shirts and we ensure our bosses are provided with necessary outfit for each event. 

This reminds me of a very important event we had in Langkawi Island. It was a big event, attended by the prime minister. 

Considering it was going to be an outdoor event, so we opt for a smart casual dress code. During that period, we came up with a new striped-shirt design and thought it was a perfect shirt to wear for the event. 

One day before the event, while checking the shirts, I realised the shirt prepared for one of our boss (no name mentioned) is kinda too small for his tummy. 

We were already in the island, and the event was scheduled in the early morning. There were no way to get a bigger shirt done or delivered on time. 

I thought of a way to enlarge the shirt. And did this: 

2 pillows tucked into the shirt and left overnight. And it worked! 

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