Friday, November 18, 2016


It's been over a year since my dad left us. The feeling is still the same. Every time I think of him, I can almost feel my heart wrenching. 

It's been very challenging to even write things down. 

Since May 20th 2015, we have learnt to accept the fact that he is indeed at a better place. But not a day passed by without thinking about him. 

One story I wish to have it penned here is about PC6028. It's a Honda 50cc dad bought when he was studying. It was his first property I guess. He loved it so very much. 

Growing up, we all learnt to ride the motorcycle and we use it to move around. It has a very iconic and loud sound. So people will literally know you are approaching from far away. 

I was kinda embarrassed to ride it to school because friends would make fun of it. For that reason, I was not fond of it. (Rebellious teenager I was).

Over the years, the motorcycle ended in a pretty bad shape. Dad keeps repairing it and using it although we have other mode of transportation. 

My brothers are so into bikes and cars so they appreciate it. My elder brother, was the one who really love the motorcycle. He would spend a lot of time, effort and money making sure the motorcycle is useable. 

Anyways, just few months before dad passed on he said to my elder brother that he will give the motorcycle to him as a birthday present. 

After he passed on, my brother sent the motorcycle to the workshop to get it fixed, overhauled and repainted. I think it was end of May. 

On 12th October 2015, the mechanic rang him up and said the motorcycle is completed and he may collect it. Coincidentally, I was in Alor Setar at that point of time, so I went to the workshop to pick it up. 

My heart was flooded with tears when I start the engine. I rode it home. 

Like I said everyone could hear the distinctive sound of the engine so my family got out of the house before I reached home. 

We FaceTime my elder brother to show him the motorcycle. He was very happy, and then he broke down. 

His birthday is 14th October. The motorcycle found his way to my brother just in time for his birthday, just like how dad planned. 

Is it a coincidence? 

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