Friday, December 16, 2016

AirAsia Regional Communications Conference 2016

AirAsia communications team consists of PR professionals from all over the world. We are a close knit bunch, and are constantly in touch with each other via multiple platforms (whatsapp, wechat, google hangout, workplace chat - just to name a few!). 

We make an effort to meet at least once a year, to realign on our directions, discuss future plans, and generally ensure everyone sing the same tune. It is also a platform to share best practices etc. 

This year our conference was held in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

While we locked ourselves in boardroom almost all day, we sure know how to make the most of our free time to explore Hanoi and have a great team outing. 

AirAsia regional communications team 

December is considered a chilly month in Hanoi.Temperature ranges between 16°C to 24°C. So, it's wise to prepare a jacket. 

After dinner, some of us decided to walk around the city, and I must say it was a joy! 

The city is so beautiful, people are friendly and the atmosphere is very lively. It's such a romantic city and you will fall in love with it very easily. 

The locals are very creative and they put a lot of effort to make their shops, streets parks and even food so beautiful and instagrammable.

Hanoi Opera House 

Beautiful deco at "Madam Yam" restaurant

Beautiful Vietnamese lanterns 

Grilled eggplant presented as a piece of art!

Tuna steak 


I went out for early morning walk, and did a little bit of stretch.

Emperor from China, princess from India and... A commando from Malaysia! 

A wefie! 

I am so blessed to be part of this incredible team who is so passionate about our job, never afraid to be different and incredibly passionate. 

Bring it on 2017! 

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