Sunday, October 19, 2008


Me posing with a Harp

I have been very succesful in putting on weight! Suprisingly, by the end of Ramadhan, i was 60KG. For the record, i have always been 51-52.

Tried loads of stuff... weight gain, gym, eat like hell. But nothing really worked. But I notice my appetite has been pretty wild during Ramadhan. I got addicted to Oreos.

I need another 6-9KG to meet my ideal weight.

That also means, i need to change my wardrobe. It's been challenging to fit into my fav pants/ jeans nowadays...

But it's ok. I'm lovin it! Honestly, i'm tired of listening "You're too skinny!".

See the difference?



pf said...

yes yes, very noticeable ;) hehehehee

Liena said...


good for u darlin.. never thought u wud actually gained weight, since ive known u forever already...

keep it up (eating!) and u'll be juz fine reaching ur GOAL in gaining sum mo weight.. i aint that difficult u know.. eehehe..

btw, i was on mc yday.. had a really bad fever.. shoot..

Zaff said...

encem nya pakai suit tu... :)

EzaWeeza said...

Cuz, I love ur new look, but OREOS?? Try eating REAL food!! Or U want me to Bluetooth some of my fats to you? Wan ah? Can wannn :P Haha. I kinda like your new look. Sexayyy ;)

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