Thursday, October 30, 2008

Aidilfitri Potluck

Aidilfirti is coming to an end and i have not had the chance for a proper celebration with my extended family.

This year has been pretty weird. The celebration is a month long but i haven't seen any of my friends sice Fedo's birthday.

I did what i had to do. SMS blast and calls. Unlike previous years (where we had open house @ my place... eveyone in their traditional outfit) we went ahead with the most simple plan. Potluck. Since it's a working day, no dresscode. Just food and hang out.

The plan was made less then 24hrs but suprisingly, no bad turn-up! And it was a good party.


Sweet peanuts. My mom's

My mom's maruku

We had plenty of food. Everone was starving (including me) and food was all gone before i got to my camera. Hehe

After dinner


Moi & darlin Liena

With Alin dearie

Everything went well. Except for an incident before the party. I was really mad and sad. Anyway, i'm glad to have friends to do all this. It's a huge piece of our lives. and one should always appreciate it.


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