Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Toys for New Year

It was not like I planned (or too spoilt) to get new gadgets when it’s a new year. It just happened. But in a nicely strange way, I tend to buy/get new stuff at the beginning of the year.

Last year, I got my Handycam, broadband, Ipod (which I never ever touch) and few more gadgets at the first quarter of the year.

Presenting my 2009 gadgets…

1. LG KS20.

This sleek looking thing claimed to provide an advanced mobile internet experience with its ’Broadband Mobile Internet’. I just love the 2.8 inch large screen and the "Intuitive Touch Input". On top of all, it is only 12.8 mm thick.

It has all the basic stuff lah -Advanced WiFi, 3.6Mbps mobile internet, music downloads, video clips and windows live content, as well as push email.


It's a Tv. 32-inch. Nice.

3. Of course it has to come with Astro! (Gadget ke ni?)


It's a watch that makes feel like James Bond (and sometimes like Power Rangers too).

This watch is so bloody cool you have no idea. Look at the pic above. It has global timing with map, can play video, music and so much more!

Close-up (In case u r wondering, the location displayed on screen is where its from)

The coolest about this thing is....

It's a mobile phone!

The last thing on my list is a new lap top... hopefully by this weekend. Heard Digital Mall @ PJ is good. Cant wait to go.


Desiree Kaur said...

Power rangers..hahahahaha..so funny la you.. very cool gadgets by the way. Don't forget to tell me when you buy the laptop so i can print the disclaimer for you :)

Evan said...

OMG what watch is that

mind boggling


Fedo said...

YES! YES! YES!....we can escape aziz's b'day gift this year because he already got everything. hehehe....

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