Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who's got the best buddies around?


I am truly blessed to be surrounded with a whole bunch of super-wonderful people in my life. I must have been a saint in my past life to deserve all this. And i truly appreciate each off them in a very special way.

Kakiis is doing a competition on who's got the best buddies around. And you are required to put a picture of "A Moment With Your Kakiis’.

So, who is my "Kaki"? haha.... Well, I don't have to think much for this question. One person that has been truly my "Kaki" is my darlin Liena.

We've known each other for almost 8 years now. We laugh at the same thing, we love the same type of food, our vocab is about the same, we're both vain, we are each other's shrink (Ok, i'm much better in this) and we go crazy if we dont meet up every week.

Well, people like to say "picture speaks thousand words". I'm about to prove it.

A moment with my Kaki...

Note: Kakiis is a circle of buddies online, keeping you in touch with everyone. Pretty cool.


1 comment:

Liena said...

I Love You Darlin.. I always be.. That wasnt the ONLY craziest moment we had.. We had a lot! And I dont even know where to start..

No matter how much we argue, we will always find away to patch things up again.. The one and only soulmate i could ever ask for!

Thanks darlin.. Knowing you is truly a bless for me .. and nuthin' could take that away from me.. :)

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