Saturday, November 1, 2008

Looking for job?


If you (or any of your friends) is on a job hunt, below are 2 vacancies

1. Event Coordinator - Super cool brand with loads of happening events
2. Boutique Executive -For one of the latest international (and iconic) brand in Malaysia (Harley-Davidson of Kuala Lumpur)

Spare me all the questions because i'm just helping out :)
Those interested can contact the companies directly. I've linked the contact person's email addresses. So, all you need to do is send your resume by clicking on your choice below:

Boutique Executive (For Harley-Davidson)



arsaili said...

salam bro..ejen mencari kerja ker..eheheh

Aziz Laikar said...

Haha.... Tolong menolong je... hehe

Anonymous said...

actually, what's the job scope for the boutique executive?

Aziz Laikar said...

Darlin, I'm not sure. You have to contact them and ask :)

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