Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Painful Dreams

After reading few articles about the crazy demanding training (especially China's Olympic factory), I am extremely amazed by the price athletes have to pay for the medals.

It was reported that in China, children as young as six are handpicked to be the next generation of Chinese medal winners. They went to state-run schools where they get minimal education, but their core focus is on extreme training. They train every single day, for years! They all have the same goal; to become a world champion, to win honor for the country.

One story is incredibly mind-boggling. Wu Minxia, a Chinese diving athlete won gold in the 3-meter synchronized springboard, becoming the first diver ever to win golds at three consecutive games. After her victory celebrations, her parents informed her of family secrets which has been kept away from her.

She was told that her grandparents had died a year ago, and her mother was diagnosed with cancer eight years ago! All were kept away from her due to the strict athletics program, which separates children from their families and controls every aspect of their lives.

To the rest of athletes, I'm sure they have a different form of sacrifice which are equally painful. Monetary investment can be staggering with coaches fees, training facilities and travelling.

I honestly wonder if it's worth the sacrifice.

But then, I was very moved by athletes tearing up during the victory ceremonies.

From their faces, you could almost see the years of tireless training, energy & time invested. It was the most awaited "dream" where they are finally celebrated and at the same time allow their home country to be united. The highlight of the ceremony is of course when the national anthem is played and the national flag raised.

Maybe its worth it. Nothing comes easy in life. You have to move your ass to reach the top. The harder you work, the faster you reach your destination. And if you fail, your only option is to work harder, and try again.

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cindyrina said...

no pain no gain...the pain is too great to bear

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