Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Zaff

My dearest friend,

We have always been together,
Never weaken by a single matter,
Never abandon one another,
I know we’ll be forever

I extend to you this Birthday wish,
and hope your day is fine;

I remembered you, on your Birthday,
As you always remember mine;

I dedicate this poem, specially to you,
with everything it's for;

Have the happiest of Birthdays today,
and I wish you many more;...

Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Together,
Best Friends together forever

Happy Birthday Zaff!



Robin said...

Nice poem Aziz.

WOW!! look at your hair on the last pic... When was that taken?

Aziz Laikar said...

Haha... thanks rob.

The pic was taken during my Uni years.

Its funny to lok at it now. Haha

pf said...

i'm pretty sure that long haired boy was azmir :p

rock n roll!!! lol

Zaff said...

thank u laling... it's good to have dinner with u that day... boleh kata birthday dinner la kan? aku tak jumpa opie, tapi dating ngan kau lak kan? hehehehehe...

Liena said...

n i have this thing with a long hair guy kan *winks*.. ;p..

how uve been lah..?? hope its all good.. so quiet lately nih.. i wonder y.. n didnt return my phone calls, neither sms pun nowadays... sobs..

btw zaff dearie, happy bday ya!! ;)

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